Teman Tapi Menikah (2018)
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Teman Tapi Menikah (2018)

Ditto likes to be half-dead to Ayu, a preman-style artist. Unfortunately, for 11 years of friendship, Ditto always failed to get out of the friend zone. Fortunately, Ayu’s meandering love life is often cheated here and there, making sure Ditto is always nearby as a place to confide in customers. Until one day, Ayu told me that she would marry her boyfriend, a perfect man inside and out. Ditto must choose: express feelings, or give up his first love to be a friend for life.

Genre: , Director: Actors: , , , Country: Released: 28 Mar 2018
Score: 7.0 Duration: 102 min Quality: WEB-DL Years:

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