Starlight Promises (2018)

Starlight Promises (2018)

Shoma Mihara, a new high school student, received a sudden message from her friend Atsushi who invited her to meet again at a mysterious festival. After not being able to contact Atsushi for three and a half years, Shoma jumped at the opportunity and headed for the Starlight Festival, which was held in a deserted mountain village. Once there, Shoma looks for Atsushi but finds no trace. Instead Shoma meets Shiori, a young woman who is also looking for someone. Kana, director of the Starlight Festival, convinced Shoma that she would be able to reunite with Atsushi before the celebration ended. Both Shoma and Shiori finally helped with the preparation, only to find themselves drawn deeper and deeper into a series of strange events.

Genre: Director: Actors: , , , Country: Released: 03 Aug 2018
Score: N/A Duration: N/A Quality: HD Years:

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