Kesempatan Keduda (2018)
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Kesempatan Keduda (2018)

Abi (Raffi Ahmad) is a corporate slave. His wife, Maya (Dinda Kanya Dewi), a super ambitious career woman, had an affair with boss Abi herself. Ken (Zizan Razak) is married to Baby (Nagita Slavina), the number one producer of wig in Indonesia. Ken and Abi accidentally met in the Religious Court to take care of their divorce.

After the exhausting divorce trial, Ken and Abi found themselves hanging out in a coffee shop beside the court. Morally, they are both down. They feel this is the lowest point in their lives. But, the owner of a very wise stall suddenly broke their assumptions. That this is not the end of everything. Since then, Ken and Abi’s friendship has become close again.


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