Danur 2: Maddah (2018)

Danur 2: Maddah (2018)

Risa, a young woman who has 3 ghost friends named Peter, William and Janshen. Risa now lives with her sister Riri, who is already embarrassed by Risa’s ability to see ghosts. Moreover, they temporarily stayed alone because his mother accompanied his official father abroad. His uncle’s family, Om Ahmad, had just moved to Bandung with his wife, Tante Tina and his son Angki. Risa and Riri often visit and even stay at Om Ahmad and Tante Tina’s house. Risa initially did not feel anything strange with Om Ahmad’s house, but one day Risa caught Om Ahmad going with a woman, Risa almost did not believe that Om was cheating on her, Risa didn’t dare say to Tante Tina and chose to investigate on her own.

Genre: Director: Actors: , , , Country: Released: 28 Mar 2018
Score: 6.7 Duration: 92 min Quality: WEB-DL Years:

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